Remote Input and Output

The Most Widely Used Alarm Notification Software for the Automation Industry.

Win-911 Notification Software

Stay in the loop - Win-911's software will send push notifications to any device!

WIN-911 is the most widely used alarm notification software in the world.

It connects directly with your SCADA, HMI or DCS system.

Escalate alarms and events to any recipient through any platform, including but not limited to:

  • Smartphone push notifications
  • SMS Messaging
  • E-Mail
  • Phone calls (analog or VoIP)
  • Web browsers
  • Alphanumeric pagers
  • Marquis displays


Win-911 Applications

Win-911's notification software is used in many industries.

Here is a shortlist of industries that use Win-911 Notification Software:

  •  Airports

  •  Building Management

  • Data Centers

  •  Manufacturing

  •  Power Generation

  • Research Labs

  •   Oil & Gas

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • And many more!

About Win-911 Software

Win-911 aims to increase reliability, efficiency of unmanned facilities, and alarm response times; while minimizing downtime, operating costs, and material costs.

Win-911 includes a powerful logic engine that powers how alarms are treated and escelated.

Over 10,000 facilities use Win-911, spanning 65 countries across 6 continents.

Win-911's software integrates with most popular SCADA systems:

  • Schneider
  • Honeywell
  • General Electric Proficy IFIX
  • Wonderware/Ivensys InTouch and ArchestrA
  • Siemens
  • B&R
  • And more!