Large Format Displays

DYNICS offers a wide array of industrial computers, built in rugged steel chassis to withstand most industrial environments.

CX Series

The DYNICS CX is a cost effective, metal-enclosed industrial display. Powered by a DYNICS Industrial Computer this wall-, ceiling-, or pole-mounted CX provides an all-in-one solution for 24/7 operation.

LX Series

The DYNICS LX is a cost effective, metal enclosed, industrial display. When integrated with a DYNICS Industrial PC the wall-, ceiling-, or column-mounted LX provides an all-in-one solution for 24/7 operation.

NX Series

The NX-MP includes a rugged DYNICS display within a modular industrial grade enclosure, and a DYNICS industrial PC housed in an easily removable MODPAK.

LW Series

The DYNICS LW Monitor is a versatile, industrial display in 42” or 55” sizes. Housed in a fanless, sealed, drip-proof enclosure, these monitors are capable of operating 24/7 in many production environments up to 45°C ambient temperature.

PWS Series

The DYNICS BIX industrial computers are a rugged, compact, modular steel construction built to order.

VW Series

The DYNICS PIX Industrial computer is a rugged, modular PC constructed of steel, and built to order. This highly configurable PC has, up to 2 PCI slots, choice of operating system, and a selection of 0, 1 or 2 PCI slot options.