Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Delta has launched the Delta Industrial Ethernet Total Solution, which provides Ethernet products with enhanced hardware designs, a user-friendly software interface, packet protection, and compatibility with multiple industrial communication standards.

Managed Ethernet Switches

The Delta DVS Series of managed Ethernet switches provide better system performance with functions such as the redundant self-healing ring, high-end layer 2 management, and a wide-operating temperature from -40°C to 75°C.

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Delta Unmanaged Ethernet Switches provide superior reliability in rugged operating conditions. Unmanaged Switches have DIP switches for built-in alarm relay functionality, providing notifications when port link-down and power failures occur.

SFP Fiber Transceivers

High speed SFP transceiver modules that comply with the SFF 8472 SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) wih digital diagnostic monitoring functions (DDM).

IEEE 802.11 WLAN

Delta provides WLAN products that are compatible with multiple communication protocols, such as IEEE 802.11 a/n in 5GHz or IEEE 802.11 b/g/n in 2.4GHz. Delta WLAN products adopt MIMO technology to enable the network bandwidth to reach 450Mbps.

DIACloud Series 3G Router

The DX-2100RW-WW 3G Cellular Cloud Router uses the DIACloud platform developed by Delta to achieve remote monitoring and control through the Internet without the requirement for a VPN or static IP address.

IIoT Ethernet Router

The DX-2300LN-WW Ethernet router sets up a secure tunnel between the user and the remote device via the cloud server, without the need for additional VPN servers. Supports a two-way data collection channel between the device and the cloud.